Bumyong Nameplate : a specialty imprinting company in Busan, we specialize in producing nameplates, screen printing, digital U/V printing, carving process, laser marking, corrosion, and packing.

Bumyong Nameplate


Company / Equipment List

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • ALF-20 Laser Marking Machine

    The fiber laser marking machine is equipped with a diode pump pulse fiber laser and it can mark both metal and non-metal materials. Its compact size allows easy installation and usage on the production line.
    It has long lifespan and low maintenance cost while guaranteeing highest marking quality.

    Laser medium: Yb Fiber
    Optical Power: 20W
    Marking method: Galvano Scanner
    oscillation wavelength: 1,065nm

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • DY-680NM (Semi-Automatic Printer)

    Maximum print size: 600 x 800mm (23.5 inch x 31.5 inch)
    Maximum print speed: 1200 per hour
    Position can be controlled manually by A/C servo motor

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • myQuest 2448pro

    Work area: X 1220 Y 610 Z 100


    AC SERVO MOTOR application(X, Y, Z, spindle)
    Fanuc type CNC Controller
    MPG Handle
    Rotary control panel
    30,000RPM ER11 Ultraprecise spindle(concentricity 0.003mm)
    CRS system adaptable to both dry and wet process
    TYPE3 2D CAD/CAM program
    Basic cutting tool set
    Basic clamping set
    Assembled T-home table
    Material surface measuring sensor
    Synchronous tapping function
    Automatic tool length measuring sensor (Optional)
    Portable vacuum table (Optional)

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • pad printing machine

    As a printing machine that boldly complements the shortcomings of screen printing by using the characteristics of silicon pads.
    All-purpose printing machines, including curved surfaces, bumps, irregular curves, flat surfaces, and all-around printing machines in all fields, including watches, automotive parts, electronics, toys, stationery, promotional materials, are pad printing machines that can be printed not only on plastic but also on any materials such as metal, wood, ceramics, silicon, or ceramics.

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Power Press 1ton

    Power press 1ton is a compression process machine, a machine applies mechanical force to material plastically changing and processing it. Processes include bending, cutting and reduction.

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Uv printing

    Model UV6090

    Print head EPSON New DX Print Head/2 Head
    Maximum resolution 1440dpi
    Maximum print size: 60cm X 90cm
    Printing speed draft model 2pass : 7m2 / h
    Production model 4pass 5m2 / h
    Quality model 6pass 3m2 / h
    High resolution model 8pass 2m2 / h
    Ink: UV ink CMYK LC LM X2 / CMYK LC LM + W
    Drying: LED UV lamp
    Rip software: Photo print

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Injection Screen Printer

    It is a semi-automatic screen printing machine that mainly prints curved and flat surfaces such as automotive parts, electronic parts, toys, stationery, and promotional materials, and it can be printed in various colors and produced in small quantities.