Bumyong Nameplate : a specialty imprinting company in Busan, we specialize in producing nameplates, screen printing, digital U/V printing, carving process, laser marking, corrosion, and packing.

Bumyong Nameplate


Product / Digital UV printing

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Digital UV printing

    The U/V printing process makes the ink dry on the material unlike traditional way of the material sucking in the ink.
    This is possible due to U/V lamp’s light flash drying U/V inks. This method shortens drying time and cut out extra procedures,
    resulting in less process time. It can be applied to all kinds of materials.

    It can be applied to multiple small productions on diverse products and it can be mass produced as well.

  • 한지인쇄
  • 캔버스 면천 인쇄
  • 인조가죽인쇄
  • 유리 인쇄
  • 우드시트인쇄
  • 목재인쇄
  • 금고 전면 PC작업
  • UV프린터 작업중 사진