Bumyong Nameplate : a specialty imprinting company in Busan, we specialize in producing nameplates, screen printing, digital U/V printing, carving process, laser marking, corrosion, and packing.

Bumyong Nameplate


Product / Screen printing

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Screen printing

    The screen printing can be done multiple materials such as regular surface or circular one.
    Writing, marking and logos, also it can be applied in multiple colors. It can be mass produced or in small quantities.

  • 사출  PAD인쇄 5
  • 사출스크린인쇄 6
  • 사출 스크린인쇄4
  • 사출 스크린인쇄3
  • 사출 스크린인쇄2
  • 사출 스크린인쇄
  • 사출 스크린곡면인쇄
  • 사출 스크린곡면인쇄 2
  • 사출 PAD인쇄3
  • 사출 PAD인쇄 4
  • 사출 PAD인쇄 3
  • 사출 PAD인쇄 1