Bumyong Nameplate : a specialty imprinting company in Busan, we specialize in producing nameplates, screen printing, digital U/V printing, carving process, laser marking, corrosion, and packing.

Bumyong Nameplate


Product / Nameplate Production

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Nameplate Production

    The nameplate printing can be done on multiple materials, such as PVC, PC, PET, PP, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and many others.
    The print can be done in precise manner using variety of colors.

    Also, it can be done on the front or on the back. It is used in many industries
    common appliances and it can be mass produced or in small quantity.

  • PC투명무광13
  • PC투명무광12
  • PC투명무광 7
  • PET투명 2
  • PET 투명1
  • PC투명 10
  • PC투명 3
  • PC투명2
  • PC투명1
  • PC엠보-19
  • PC엠보-17
  • PC엠보-16
  • PC엠보-15
  • PC엠보-14
  • PC엠보-11
  • PC엠보-10