Bumyong Nameplate : a specialty imprinting company in Busan, we specialize in producing nameplates, screen printing, digital U/V printing, carving process, laser marking, corrosion, and packing.

Bumyong Nameplate


Product / Carving Process

  • Bumyong Nameplate
  • Carving Process

    Available materials can be processed for acrylic, phenol, aluminum, and new liquor. Precision processing such as scribbling, cutting, milling, etc. is possible.
    You can use TOOL to move the element material to the X, Y, and X axes and process it can be processed.
    Work using a dedicated program.
    You can immerse yourself in the color you want in the sculpture area and produce a small number of varieties.

  • 흑착색 알루니늄 조각명판
  • 컨트롤 판넬 명판
  • 인물조각명판
  • 알미늄 조각가공
  • 알루미늄 조각가공
  • 알루미늄 스위치명판
  • 알루미늄 게이지명판
  • 스위치 명판
  • 설비명판
  • 금색 헤어라인 명판
  • 금색 헤어라인  확대 명판
  • 금색 아노다이징 명판
  • 금색 샌딩 아노다이징 명판